List of all company officers



Path parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
company_number string

The company number of the officer list being requested.


Query parameters

Parameter name Value Description Additional
items_per_page integer

The number of officers to return per page.

register_type string

The register_type determines which officer type is returned for the registers view.The register_type field will only work if registers_view is set to true

Possible values are:

  • directors
  • secretaries
  • llp-members
register_view string

Display register specific information. If given register is held at Companies House, registers_view set to true and correct register_type specified, only active officers will be returned. Those will also have full date of birth.Defaults to false

Possible values are:

  • true
  • false
start_index integer

The offset into the entire result set that this page starts.

order_by string

The field by which to order the result set.

Possible values are:

  • appointed_on
  • resigned_on
  • surname


This request requires the use of one of following authorisation methods: API key .


The following HTTP status codes may be returned, optionally with a response resource.

Status code Description Resource
200 OK

List the company officers

Headers returned

Name Type Description
ETag string

The ETag of the resource.

400 Bad Request

Bad request

401 Unauthorized