• put - Update a transaction
  • get - Get validation status for a registered email address filing resource
  • get - Validate insolvency transaction resource


    "errors": [
            "error": "string",
            "error_values": {
                "<key>": "string"
            "location": "string",
            "location_type": "string",
            "type": "string"
    "is_valid": "boolean"


Name Type Description Additional
errors[] array

List of errors.

Optional, read only.
errors[].error string

The enumerated error being returned. See github for valid error enumeration types.

Read only.
errors[].error_values object

A collection of argument name and value pairs which, when substituted into the error string, provide the full description of the error. As many name/value pairs as necessary to complete the error description are returned. See example above.

Optional, read only.
errors[].error_values.<key> map of string

key / value string pair.

Optional, read only.
errors[].location string

The location in the submitted request in which the error relates. This parameter is only provided when errors[].type is set to "ch:validation".

Optional, read only.
errors[].location_type string

Describes the type of location returned so that it may be parsed appropriately.

Possible values are:

  • json-path
  • query-parameter
Optional, read only.
errors[].type string

Type of error.

Possible values are:

  • ch:validation
  • ch:service
Read only.
is_valid boolean

Indicates whether the resource is valid in its current state. If false the resource is invalid and ch:validation errors will be included in the errors array.

Read only.