Companies House API


Companies House is an executive agency of the Department for Business and Trade. Our main functions are to incorporate and dissolve limited companies; examine and store company information delivered under the Companies Act and related legislation; and make this information available to the public.

Companies House digitally records almost all information it receives, and makes this available to the public through its own website and through the Companies House RESTful API. Being RESTful, each record of information is assigned a globally unique URI, and the operations available on each resource are directly mapped to HTTP verbs. Data can therefore be easily consumed by issuing simple GET requests on the required resource URI.

Beta release

The Companies House API and Developer Hub are currently at a beta release. We are going through a process of user engagement to improve the API and documentation.

We have a proposed approach to versioning the API and documentation that is currently being discussed in the Developer Hub Forum. In the meantime existing resources will remain 'as is' and can be considered as at 'version 0'.

Please refer to the Developer Hub Forum for ongoing feature and documentation discussions, and announcements on upcoming feature releases.

Getting started

If you are new to the Companies House API, we recommend you take a look at the getting started guide, with the resources and examples provided there to help you.

We also have a support forum where you can discuss the API, find help and provide feedback.